Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting Paid to Shop Online

Just a few weeks ago, my mom asked me if I had heard of Ebates.  I scratched my head and said "No, do you mean Ebay?" (As if we had static in our phone lines.)  She proceeded to send me a link to find out more. 

Ebates is a website that cooperates with over 1,200 retailers that will pay you back cash for your online purchases.  These aren't obscure retailers either.  They are stores you use regularly.  They have everything from Walmart, Kohls, JC Penny to FTD - and even EBAY!  I know... getting cash back for shopping on Ebay, who would have thought?

How it works?  Signing up for an ebates account is completely free.  When you are going to order something online, just log into ebates, find your retailer and click the link to be taken directly to the store.  Go ahead and shop as you normally would.  When you finalize your purchase, Ebates gets notified from the retailer and credits your ebates account.  Then quarterly Ebates pays you the balance in your account - you can get a check OR have them deposit it directly into your Paypal account.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I know you'd like to get cash back on any online shopping you do - AND - it doesn't cost you anything to join!  This company has been doing this since 1999... yes, over a decade and paid out more than $50 million so far!  For the month of December, just by doing my regular Christmas shopping, I'm getting paid back over $25.  And that wasn't even the online shopping I did the day after Thanksgiving... dang it all.

Every day they also offer a Daily Double... which is a retailer that is offering double the % back for purchases that day!  Today's for example is FTD Flowers... they are paying 20% cash back... so if you are sending flower to someone you can't be with over the holidays, it makes sense to get a rebate!

To learn more and sign up for your own account, go to Ebates and see for yourself!

Thanks mom for telling me about it!  Heck for as much as I'm on Ebay... I'm tickled to now be getting cash back in addition to my regular Ebay bucks!

Hope 2011 drops dollars in your lap!

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