Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jalapeno Poppers... but better! :)

I have a super secret source for this recipe.  I cannot reveal my source, but 2 generations of passing it along, leads back to an authentic Mexican recipe.  So if you have a bunch of jalapeno's and are jonsin' for something delicious... and yet slightly sinful... you've got to try this!

Jalapeno Poppers or Jalapeno Bacon Dip

The poppers are super easy….take tops off, slit and take out seeds.  Fry bacon and crunch up in cream cheese, stuff peppers and wrap w/partially cooked bacon….bake till pepper is soft… 350, 45ish min.  I think I fried 1lb of bacon, mixed w/2 pkgs cream cheese, and used another lb of bacon (cut strips in half) for 35 peppers.  

The guy who showed me this doesn’t bother with all this fuss anymore….he puts it all in a food processor and bakes it like I do my famous artichoke dip…much less fuss….but I thought we’d eat it the authentic way the first time.  Enjoy!!!  

That's the recipe... If I made them personally, I too would make into a dip and serve with Triscuits.  The salty crisp of a cracker would be delicious with all these flavors combined.  It's also much easier preparation leaving time for socializing with friends and family!


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slmpetersen said...

The food processor is a wonderful thing! I even have a mini one to dice up small bits of things...makes it easy to take a left over chicken breast and turn it into chicken salad...going to have to try this one...maybe add some homemade tortilla chips and call it lunch on a Saturday.

Anonymous said...

My friend always brings these jalapenos as an appetizer to parties. They are delicious.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks for your comments ladies! They are yummy! Hope you're having a terrific Monday! :)