Thursday, January 8, 2009

Comfort Food... that's A-peeling...

Yes, pun intended. As we brace ourselves here in SE Wisconsin for yet another snow storm, I seem to find myself reaching toward comfort food. I had heard on the Today show about a month ago that in tough times, two of the the foods people find most comforting are Spaghetti & Ice Cream.

Gee... I'm not surprised, I'm really just a statistic! I have ice cream every single week (often multiple times) and I LOVE spaghetti... it's quick & easy to make... and yes, comforting.

But lately I have a new comfort.

For Christmas, my brother Greg gave me the most incredible vegetable peeler. Now most people won't get excited over a veggie peeler, but this is the creme-de-la-creme of peelers. It's a strong peeler with a great, sharp blade. (Apparently he didn't care for my cheap rendition of a veggie peeler meets 10 lbs. of potatoes last time I hosted a family dinner) :)

Now though, this peeler is smooth like butter. It leaves me trying to come up with any excuse to peel something... mashed potato recipes, apple crisp, apple cinnamon oatmeal, shepherds pie (I get to peel potatoes & carrots there!!!).

So as silly as it sounds, new kitchen gadgets to get us all excited! Here's to you finding the right comfort food!

3 drooling remarks:

Julie said...

Oh how awesome it looks. I truly am drooling and you have potatoes on top how surprising. Love the potato peeler story. You should add the blog to out links on the Reindl blog. Mom

Brenda said...

So are you going to begin "The traveling Dinner by Dawn" system so you can bring some this way?!! mmmm!

Dawn Doucette said...

That's called "Meals on Wheels" and I'd love to! Actually, the recipe is in the O'Connell Family cookbook... pg. 112... but I added Mushrooms, Peas, celery... and I didn't do the double layer thing... Okay, I added some extra garlic too... so I truly did create my own recipe.

It was plate lickin' good according to Cody & Brandi! :)