Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who wouldn't want Dessert First???

As a true foodie, I have one motto... "Dessert First."

Some people just laugh, not realizing how serious I am. And it's not just about the sweet tooth in me. See, most people get so full on cocktails, appetizers and the main course, that they rarely leave room for dessert.

But, what I've found is if you eat dessert first and get full, then you box up your main entree and it makes a terrific lunch the next day!

So, live on the edge... have a little fun... explore your inner foodie... Enjoy Dessert First!

So here's a picture of our New Year's Day Dinner... it was supposed to be New Year's Eve... but I didn't get the roast out to thaw early enough.

What I want to dedicate this post to is the delectable Triple Layer Brownie Dessert you see on our plates. It was so easy to make, and even as I eat the left overs 4 days later, it's still as good as day 1.

Triple Layer Brownie Dessert
Layer 1. Make box of brownie mix according to the package and let cool completely.
Layer 2. 2 pkg. cream cheese (an 8 oz. and a 3 oz.), 2 cups powdered sugar, 2 cups Cool Whip.
Soften cream cheese. Slowly blend all ingredients until smooth.
Spread over brownie mix.
Layer 3. One 3.0 oz Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix, 2 cups cold milk
(don't use rice milk, pudding won't set)
Mix Pudding mix and milk until pudding just starts to set.
Pour over top of cream cheese layer and refridgerate for at least 1 hour.

**Can be served with a dollop of Whip Cream or a few crushed walnuts on top.

3 drooling remarks:

~kelly :) said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm, Dawn!! LOVE the looks of your blog!! I'll be sure to check in on a very regular basis! I see you have our FAVORITE vegetable on your dinner plate...way to go!

you know what they is uncertain, eat dessert first!

xo, ~aunt kelly

Dawn Doucette said...

Amen Aunt Flo!!! :)

Thanks for my first "drooling remark!"

Love you lots!

Julie said...

Good Blog but not when I'm too hungry. I'll make sure I check it out after I eat so I don't drool tooo much.